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Cloud Textures
mh_clouds_50_1.png mh_clouds_50_a.png mh_clouds_60_d.png mh_clouds_70.png mh_clouds_70_a.png mh_clouds_80.png mh_clouds_30c.png mh_clouds_40_a.png mh_clouds_40_b.png mh_clouds_40_s.png mh_clouds_50.png mh_clouds_50_.png apreva-clouds.png Terra-Mars Clouds.png mh_clouds_90.png mh_clouds_10c.png mh_clouds_20.png mh_clouds_20a.png mh_clouds_20b.png mh_clouds_30a.png mh_clouds_30b.jpg Back to the Resource Page
Click on the images to see what each surface texture looks like. Click on the download icon below each image to download that file to your computer so that you can use it when you run Celestia.