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Jovian Planet Textures
alquian.jpg ex0-class1.jpg exo-class2.jpg exo-class3.jpg exo-class4.jpg exo-class5.jpg gasgiant.jpg gentile.jpg jotunheim.jpg jovian_01.jpg jovian_02.jpg jovian_03.jpg jupiterlike.jpg mh_gas__03.jpg mh_gas__04.jpg mh_gas__08.jpg mh_gas__10.jpg mh_gas__11.jpg mh_gas__12.jpg mh_gas__13.jpg mh_gas__14.jpg mh_gas__15.jpg mh_gas__16.jpg mh_gas__22.jpg
Click on the images to see what each surface texture looks like. Click on the download icon below each image to download that file to your computer so that you can use it when you run Celestia.