Video Presentation     As the semester comes to a close, you will produce a seven minute presentation highlighting your Celestia planetary system and then submit that video to CranNet. There are a number of different screen capture applications, most with a free trial period, that you can use to assemble your video.  Search the web for the one that seems most appropriate for you.
The video must be uploaded to CranNet by 17:00 on the afternoon of Monday, January 21, 2019.     Grading Rubric for the Video Presentation    The video is worth 50 points.     20   Four points times five each for a look at and a verbal description of at least five of your planets       5   Five points, one for each of five moons visited     10   Ten points for a tour of your asteroid belt       5   Five points for a look at your two comets       5   Five points for using the Celestia program efficiently       5   Five points for a length of at least seven minutes