While I am down on Wilderness for the next two weeks, you will be proceeding through the pages of carpecaelum.com with my video guidance. The little TVs are the links to some useful videos. There will be two lab exercises for you to do, leading to a test on the last day before break. You will need to install the app from the Univeristy of Nebraska to do the eclipsing binary lab. click here for instructions on doing that.
S tellar Astronomy is a one semester course offered to juniors and seniors at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School. If you are a visitor, you are more than welcome to browse these pages for hundreds of links to what I believe are useful pages for students of Astronomy.
Looking for a particular star? Find it here!
The Wilderness Lesson Plan 2021
Wednesday, March 3 Monday, March 8 Wenesday, March 10 Friday, March 12
the Eclipsing Binary pages look over the pages on globular clusters and then the open note quiz on Dr. Plait’s Cluster video
TEST on Binary Stars and Clusters
Eclipsing Binary Lab
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy