Test 6
Date: May 8, 2018
This   sixth   test   will   cover   the   different   types   of   galaxies   found   in   the universe.   You   need   to   be   able   to   identify   galaxies   by   Hubble   type.      There will   also   be   a   few   questions   about   the   Hubble   constant   and   the   expansion   of the   universe.      There   will   be   16   multiple   choice   questions   and   one   diagram.     As usual there will also be two essay questions. Remember,   you   can   earn   extra   credit   by   naming   as   many   of   the   88 constellations as you can correctly spell.
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Carpe Caelum
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy