M main sequence - the diagonal line on an H-R diagram where most normal, hydrogen burning stars can be found. The sun is right in the middle of the main sequence. Sort of a boring, normal star. meteor - it’s that flash of light we see streaking across the sky for a few seconds or so. The rock you see in a natural history museum is NOT a meteor, it’s a meteorite. meteorite - the physical object that makes it to the surface. Museums display these all the time. Some are made of rock and hard to identify while others are almost pure iron, making them an easy ID. meteoroid - rocks and dust in space which may be on a collision course with our atmosphere. As of yet, no human being has seen a meteoroid. meteowrong - this is what people bring to science museums hoping to sell them for a lot of money. Often they are just lava rocks from the neighbor’s grill. Check with an authoritative source ! miles - an excellent jazz trumpeter
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