In order to install System Maker 1.4 using the button below, you must first install Win Zip which is available here. You will need to register some ActiveX controls manually on your computer for this program to work. Here is a web page that describes how.
As this semester comes to a close, you will demonstrate your understanding of planets. You will need to invent a system of planets orbiting a star. Each of your planets will be given characteristics consistent with real planets. There is a web site that can help you in designing your planets. You will use the program called Celestia to illustrate your planetary system. You will have to prepare what is called an ssc file which will have data about each of your planets. This file has a very specific format which must be followed if Celestia is to read it properly. Your planetary system must meet these minimum requirements You will submit video presentation and submit a formal paper online. Here is an excellent example of a fine paper submitted some years ago Here are your star assignments: 4th period
Click the icon to the left for the SSC scripting guide which tells you everything you need to know about creating a working ssc file. Here is a fairly good wiki page that explains how to put all of these files in the right place on your computer, PC or Mac.