You   may   think   there's   not   much   of   anything   in   between   the   stars,   but   of   course   you   would   be   wrong.   We   speak   of   an   interstellar   medium ,   full of   interesting   atoms,   molecules,   and   dust   grains.   The   study   of   the   atoms   and   molecules   found   in   interstellar   space    is   essential   to   the understanding   of   how   stars   are   born,   how   they   live,   and   how   they   die.         Let’s   take   a   look   at   a   few   of   the   more   visually   interesting   emission nebulae . Here are just a few of the broad categories of objects found out between the stars of our galaxy. Hydrogen Clouds Molecular Clouds Interstellar Dust Nebulae
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