We all know about light.  It travels through a vacuum at the speed we call c.  But light is just one type of radiation that can be used to study the universe.  We speak of the entire range of electric and magnetic waves flying through space called the electromagnetic spectrumSing the song! radio  microwaves infrared visible light ultraviolet x rays gamma rays Stars give off energy from radio all the way up to gamma rays.  We can now study the universe with the entire electromagnetic spectrum.  We are somewhat limited at the surface of Earth, however.  Not all types of radiation reach the surface. When we look at the universe at these different wavelengths, things look a lot different.  The Sun takes on an entirely different look when we observe it a x ray wavelengths.  Some earthly creatures can also see the world at different wavelengths.  Would you like to see like a bee? Click here for a diagram similar to the one on the first test.
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Carpe Caelum
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy