Human beings have watched the stars for thousands of generations.  They noted their movements and made up stories about the patterns they seemed to form.  We now recognize eighty-eight modern constellations.  We recognized the familiar brighter stars and gave them names.  Many of the star names have Arabic origins. One of my favorite star names has got to be Zubeneschamali.    Fainter stars tend to get mere catalog designations as in the Bayer greek lettering system, or the Flamsteed numbering system.   At least these two catalog systems refer to the constellations.  Modern catalogs such as the Henry Draper Catalog or the S.A.O. catalog are even more obscure.  Which stars should you absolutely know?  Polaris the North Star, of course.  Sirius, the brightest in the night sky.  Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbor in space.  Arcturus, a rather close Red Giant.  Vega, the bright blue one overhead in the evenings as school begins in September. Can you really have a star named for you? Certainly not! Those star naming companies are a fraud.
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