Carpe Caelum Pluto This Month
Pluto in October
Into the Sun This distant planet is in the constellation of Sagittarius, low in the south after sunset right now. If you had any thought of trying to find this distant object, you will have to wait until he middle of next year. With the dense starfield of Sagittarius, this planet is even more of a challenge to find. Amateurs with large enough telescopes can find Pluto in perfectly dark skies. Yes, Pluto is still a planet. I am one of those astronomers that disagrees with the I.A.U. resolution. Here’s someone else who agrees with me. Treat yourself to the book ‘The Case For Pluto’ for more enlightenment. You will need a pretty big telescope to spot Pluto. I can’t say that I have seen it in over 40 years of observing! That’s the challenge!