Open Clusters   One of the nearest star clusters to us is the Hyades.  Here is a fascinating 3D animation which shows the cluster moving through space.  Globular Clusters These can have over one million member stars!  One of the most prominent and easily observed globular clusters is the Hercules cluster, M13.
What happens when stars are in very large gravitational groups?  We have star clusters.  Once again, let’s have Dr. Phil Plait explain for us.  Again, there will be a short quiz after watching the video to make sure you were paying attention!. Here’s another look at star clusters from M L Meeks again.
Looking for a particular star?  Find it here!
 One of the types of objects on Charles Messier’s list for comet hunters is the star cluster.  Some clusters can be mistaken for comets in small telescopes.  That is why Mesier made his list.  Stars can form into very large groupings called star clusters.  In our galaxy, we find two distinct types of clusters, Open and Globular.
Carpe Caelum
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy
Carpe Caelum Stellar Astronomy